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    Sun-220 Vascular Doppler


    Sun-220 vascular doppler is used to detect arterial and venous blood flow velocity to assess peripheral vascular disease, feasible in andrology, urology, surgery surgical, microsurgery,  orthopedics, vascular surgery, burns surgery and plastic surgery departments.

    Detailed Features

    1.  Sensitive special purpose probe

    2.  Display strength cursor

    3.  Both of AC and DC battery

    4. Auto power off

    5. Freeze display content on LCD

    6.  USB to transmit the data to computer

    7.  Output with loudspeaker and earphone


    1. Main body

    2.  8MHz probe

    3. Ni-Mh battery

    4. Adaptor



    1.  Earphone

    2. PC software

    3.  Carry bag

    4. 5MHz probe

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